What are the Dangers of Automatic Car Washes?

Every year, automatic car washes are becoming more and more popular in the market. But few people think about the fact that they can be very dangerous for vehicles, so using them is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, and it is important to take this point into account. Automatic car washes are designed to quickly wash the car, remove dirt, and then dry the bodywork and even polish it if necessary. A significant advantage of such washes is that they are much cheaper than a standard car wash. There are several types of automatic car washes: tunnel and portal. Despite the fact that they differ from each other, both are fully suitable for organizing a car wash. There is also a type of automatic washer, which is called a robot washer. They are also in demand among drivers. The disadvantage of such automatic vehicle washing systems is that they do not allow you to take care of the car as it should be. In addition, the risk of damage to the paintwork and removal of the main protective layer that is applied when polishing the vehicle increases. In addition, such washes do not carry out proper washing, which leads to the fact that dust and sand that are on the body leave scratches during washing. The washing speed is too high. Washing brushes literally work like sandpaper, which, of course, negatively affects the car body. Cars after automatic washing will remain at least wet, dust and dirt can quickly stick to them, respectively, the implementation of such a wash is simply meaningless. In addition, strong jets of water enter under the hood and can cause failure of the main components, as well as lead to the need for costly repairs that can simply disable the car for a certain time. Experienced experts note that the best option for car care is an independent and very gentle car wash. If you don’t want to wash your car with your hands, you can go to a regular car wash and follow the work of specialists. The desire to save time by using an automatic car wash can lead to the fact that there will be no savings, but there will be even greater costs for the subsequent repair and gloss restoration of the body, as well as the paintwork, which of course is not good. Each driver must decide for himself which option of vehicle considers the most suitable and gentle, so that later he does not regret the wrong option, which will turn into bad consequences.
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