Complete exterior handwash with handwax

Safety for paint coating can be considered as an advantage of hand wash and hand wax.
Another advantage of hand wash and wax is that it’s convenient to polish the areas difficult
to access for the polishing machine.
Competent hand polishing should contain following stages:

  • Surface cleaning
  • actually, waxing and polishing itself
  • applying protective coating
    A service of exterior hand wash has been used by car owners for many decades. Modern
    technologies have improved this procedure. And Cleaning Art having vast experience and
    using only professional equipment and materials brought it to perfection.
    Hand Washing your car in our version will take no more than half an hour.
    Complete exterior handwashing process consists from following stages:
  • Our professional specialists rinse the body of your car with clean water supplied under
    high pressure from a special high-pressure apparatus. Thus, different kinds of
    contaminants, as well as abrasive particles of dust and sand are softened and washed away.
  • the surface of the car is being covered with a special automatic valve supplied by a foam
    generator. In a few minutes even the most persistent contaminants will be peeled off from
    the surface under such a coating
  • Handwashing is carried out using special large-porous sponges with large pores. Such
    sponges prevent damage to the paint coating of the car.
  • The car body is finally washed with water under pressure and then dried.
    It is also possible to use different types of protective coating which we provide as part of
    additional services.
    Cleaning Art customers can count on a professional attitude on our part to any type of car
    care and detailing.
    We guarantee thorough cleaning from contamination without damage to the paint coating.
    The final stage in handwashing and waxing is drying of the car.  In the contact form of
    cleaning this process is divided into two stages – air treatment and hand drying.  The
    process is carried out with special fibro-washers that remove all unnecessary moisture, in
    order to further exclude the possibility of stretches and flooding. Then, the result is fixed
    with the help of hot air.
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