Headlight restoration

Car headlight restoration is the renovation process of its light elements without replacing or repairing them. Polishing restores the brightness of the headlights, eliminating microscopic cracks and chips. Cleaning Art car detailing in Concord provides services for the restoration of car headlights with the best cosmetics and modern equipment which protects the body from damage during work.

Restoring the transparency and brilliance of the headlights. What does it look like?

The transparency of headlights is one of the main indicators of a new car. Regardless of the model or brand, the first thing to look at is the most striking elements of the body. Since headlights consist of many elements, such as lenses, glass, reflectors, and chrome parts, their restoration should be divided into stages. Depending on the outer coating, it can be glass or plastic. Recently, glass headlights are rarely used on modern cars, but they can be found on retro cars from brands such as BMW, Bentley, Mercedes and others.

Headlight restoration

Headlight restoration stages

After 2-3 years, many car owners are faced with a problem when the transparency of the headlight is lost. At first, this is only a visual defect, but after a while, the headlight becomes covered with a white coating and does not transmit light well. In fact, even one poor-quality washing or wiping with a dirty cloth leads to dull plastic. It is almost impossible to fix this problem without polishing. The situation with glass headlights looks a little better, it is much more difficult to damage them, and it is easier to restore shine.

For a high-quality restoration of the appearance of the headlight, it must be processed strictly in stages:

 Car preparation. One of the most important steps when a complete body wash, degreasing and
removal of protective materials from the headlights (if any) is required;
 Rough polishing stage. A lot of deep scratches that are formed from falling stones and branches
– require the removal of a plastic coating layer. The layer that is removed is usually measured in
micromillimeters and can rarely damage a car. Abrasive polishing may be used.
 Application of a special gel that closes all micro-cracks and reduces the depth of scratches.
Almost the final stage of polishing.
 The use of specialized car cosmetics helps to ensure quality care.
 The last step is the application of a special film that will protect the headlights from further

In most cases, the procedure does not take much time and completely changes the appearance of the car.

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