Cae detailing

What does full car detailing mean?

At the moment, we can say with confidence that every modern person who owns a car understands perfectly well that not only its technical condition is important, but also the attractiveness of its appearance. It should be noted that the modern market is ready to offer consumers a fairly wide range of services that will keep the car attractive not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It may seem that car detailing is something similar to the services that are provided at most ordinary car washes. However, there are significant differences because special chemicals are used, certain equipment is selected, and the staff performs more painstaking work, because it is imperative to payattention to absolutely every detail.

Restoring the transparency and brilliance of the headlights. What does it look like?

Often, before choosing a specific car care option, each consumer tries to understand what types of activities are covered by the offer or offers. At the moment, we can say that the full car detailing includes the following operations:

 Car washing and drying
 Exterior cleaning including the wheels and engine bay
 Interior vacuuming and dry cleaning
 Body and headlights polishing
 Protective coating for body and interior parts.

Polishing, for example, is a more thorough and high-quality service when a special combination of paste is selected, and after that, a detailed check is made to exclude even a single scratch.
The most demanded car detailing service is the application of protective coating. Unlike polishing, the process is many times faster and as simplified as possible. If we talk about dry cleaning of the car interior, then unlike a conventional car wash, detailing uses a special approach to this process, rather a complex one. Chemistry is selected individually for each car. And most importantly, in the end, any smell of chemicals or feeling of moisture is completely excluded. Quite often, interior detailing can include the use of vacuum cleaners, steam cleaning, as well as ozonization and treatment with a liquid cleaner. The process is time-consuming as the purpose of detailing is to give the car cabin a factory look.
It is worth noting that modern detailing makes the car not only attractive, but also increases driving safety. So far, we can say that the main advantages of car detailing are as follows:

 Aesthetic appeal of the car.
 Protection of your car from scratches and debris.
 Elimination of odors and stains in the cabin.
 Increased driving safety.

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