Cleaning A/C vent

Air conditioning is the best friend of car owners and passengers.

Should I clean the A/C vent? This question sooner or later pops up in the head of each car owner. And the answer to it is unambiguous yes! Scientists have found out that the condensate accumulating in the evaporator of air conditioners is an ideal environment for the reproduction of fungi and bacteria that are not always good for human health.

For this reason, it is recommended to clean the air conditioner every season, and better – every time of the year to breathe fresh air without danger of inhaling excess.

No matter how complex the design of the car air conditioner is, there is an evaporator in the scheme. The evaporator is a center for the propagation of harmful bacteria, in which not only water remains accumulate, but also microorganisms.

There are two ways to clean the car’s ventilation system: blowing compressed air and contacting Cleaning Art specialists.

The first way is more budget. To implement it you will need to go to the nearest car store, buy a can of compressed air and blow all the exit holes from the cabin with its help.

From advantages can be mentioned: saving money, cleaning the surface dust of ventilation outlets. As about disadvantages we can say that the jet doesn’t blow stagnant water away from the main focus of the spread of bacteria.

The second option is to go to the car service, where the masters remove the evaporator, completely clean it or replace it, and also rid all the holes of dust and dirt. The price is slightly different from cleaning on your own, but the result and effectiveness of this method will be several times higher.

The price of cleaning the A/C vent doesn’t depend on the brand and model of the car. This is a fixed amount that is valid for the service. Whether to save on health is a question for car owners. Scientists argue that the immunity of our body easily copes with the effects of fungi and bacteria, but it’s not always so and especially if there are often children in the car, cleaning must be carried out regularly.

Our experienced specialists are able to clean air conditioners according to manufacturer’s factory standards, without violating the integrity of other parts of the car. We can not only clean, but also replace unsuitable parts of the air conditioner. 

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