Car roof cleaning

Do you think that cleaning the car’s roof is a useless service? You
may believe that nobody sees it, but considering so, you are seriously
mistaken. The roof is contaminated along with other elements of the
cabin. These are prints of palms, headgears, dust and stains from
avid smokers. So, as you could understand, a roof also needs to be
cleaned in a proper way and Cleaning Art is ready to provide max
cleanliness to every corner of the cabin.
First of all, our detailers will conduct a study of the roof’s
upholstery for finding out the type and degree of pollution, after
which they will determine the choice of cleaning means and
In the cleaning process we use special auto chemistry which has
properties of foaming quickly and abundantly.
While applying that auto chemistry the active substances act on the
upholstery, quickly separating the contaminants and picking them
into the foam, after which the foam mass together with the
contaminants can be easily removed with special napkins  or a
vacuum cleaner.
Cleaning takes place zoned in one direction from the windshield to
the rear glass. Besides, a certain processing technique is used, which
doesn’t allow to damage either the upholstery itself or the degree of
its tension.
The dry cleaning of the roof completes with drying it. Since the
processing technique used doesn’t saturate the upholstery with
moisture, no special equipment is required for this procedure.
Want to save money and carry out cleaning of a roof yourself? We
don’t deny that dry cleaning of cabin elements can be carried out by
car owners on their own, we just propose to weigh the losses from
improper dry cleaning, poor-quality services and then decide
whether you should save money or not.
The roof of a cabin is one of the elements that in case of damage
cant be simply repaired, it must be replaced. Improper cleaning can
cause the coating to sag and move away from the base.

This is especially an actual problem for cars that have been used for
more than a several years.
Our detailers have experience in all detailing and cleaning services
that make cars standards of cleanliness. We use auto chemistry
according to the type of coating and upholstery of your car’s cabin
and that allows us to completely eliminate the possibility of
damaging it. That’s why we strongly advise you to trust roof
cleaning to specialists that have relevant experience in this field, as
Cleaning Art specialists have.

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