Detailing dashboard and doors

With the most accurate attitude to the car, sooner or later, your car will need professional cleaning of the cabin. Dust constantly settling on upholstery, stains from food and clothing, pet wool, bacteria accumulated in the duct create a stable smell that provides discomfort for both the driver and passengers. Forgetting about these unpleasant moments or simply preventing them will help timely mobile car detailing of the interior.

Today instrument panels are made mainly of plastic. This material is practical, inexpensive, and does not require special care. But the last point does not mean that the dashboard shouldn’t be cleaned at all. The structure of plastic is such that it easily burns out, captures dirt and fat from the fingers, and also quickly electrifies literally collecting all the dust that enters the car interior. And if you don’t use dashboards detailing cars interior loses its good appearance, becomes contaminated and dusts. So, it may seem an unimportant part of a car when it comes to detailing, but in fact, it really matters.

Our specialists perfectly know what to do to make your car’s interior look attractive and delights the eyes of a driver and passengers. While detailing the dashboard our specialists will use only modern and high-quality materials and equipment.  

Another part of a car that should be detailed from time to time is doors. Doors often attract pollution, since it is with them that the driver and passengers interact the most. After a couple of years of car use even the most stable auto upholstery can fade, covered with spots and lose its former beauty.

To remain these contaminants, will be required special qualifications and experience, that have our well-trained specialists. Since the chemical properties can be very different from each other and only specialists can choose the ones that will suit your car’s door detailing.

Cleaning Art specialists evaluate the degree and types of pollution and the type of coating is also taken into account. The choice of cleaning tools and methods will be based on these results.  

We use professional detergents and chemicals that are quickly weathered, absolutely harmless to people. Even sensitive allergic will not feel the effects of processing. Our specialists take into account the character of each spot so that they can choose the most suitable chemical composition of its removal.

 A special attention is paid to the type of upholstery (velour, natural or eco leather) sparing non-aggressive cleaning agents are chosen that don’t destroy the structure of fibers and leather cells.

Apart from cleaning the upholstery our detailers also clean the plastic elements of the cabin.