Vacuuming carpet

Vacuuming carpet, floor mats, seats, and trunk

Cleaning the interior of a car with a vacuum cleaner is one of the simplest (when it involves specialists, of course) ways to quickly clean the cabin. It will provide you with the comfort of staying in the car, extend the life of the upholstery and just give you pleasure, because being inside a clean car is really nice.

The interior of the car is regularly being polluted: sometimes dirty bags are out inside of the car, street shoes are stomped on mats, and if there are often children or animals in the car, then you are going to try hard to bring the interior into proper form. Because of regular exposure the upholstery of the seats and floor go bad and lose its presentable appearance. Vacuuming the interior of a car will help to extend its service life.

Depending on the condition of the interior, the procedure will take 15 to 35 minutes. We will carefully remove both large contaminants and the smallest particles of dust. During cleaning we will carefully vacuum carpet, floor mats, seats and trunk.

Our specialist will remove all major contamination from seats, mats and trunk. The seats will be pushed back and forth so that the floor surface can be perfectly cleaned.

During carrying out this service we will diligently vacuum each section of the cabin so that you will be satisfied with the result. Each corner will be carefully rid of dirt. 

Our specialists know how to take care of the cleanliness and beauty of your car, they will do their work perfectly without damaging your car.

Trusting washing of the interior of your car to us you are guaranteed to get a quick, brilliant result.

Vacuuming carpet floor, mats

This part of complex wash is the simplest, but at the same time one of the most demanding when it comes to time. In addition to eliminating dust on the seats and the front panel of the car, mats also require vacuuming. Under the mats there are floor carpets, which also require cleaning after a long drive.

Vacuuming trunk

Vacuuming the trunk is not much different from such a procedure in the cabin. A possible problem can only be the load of the trunk and the need to send unnecessary items to the garbage bin.

We use only professional equipment (for example, vacuum cleaners with a set of nozzles to remove dirt from inaccessible places) and hiqh-quality auto chemistry which does not negatively affect either the car interior or the human body, it does not release poisonous fumes.

Vacuuming seats

Our specialists will thoroughly remove dirt and dust from seats with the help of a professional vacuum cleaner. Cleaning Art will provide you with professional care for the cleanliness of your car. 

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